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Statistics show that when economic times get tough there are more bankruptcies and divorces in the USA, and that they follow each other closely, and that the need for cheap lawyers both family law specialists, and bankruptcy attorneys goes up to handle all of the new US legal civil cases. What this means for you is that the best lawyers might all ready have large workloads when you walk into their law offices for the first time. Having a establish relationship with a family attorney before a crisis means that you have a legal advocate, who has some history of your family group and allows him more insights into your values and financial particulars. Having both a bankruptcy and divorce happen to a family at the same time are very disruptive, often jumping generations, and mentally afflicting some participants for the rest of their lives. Working in advance with a lawyer, many times one or both of these can be avoided, or at least be done so that there is planning and sanity in place to smooth the road for the difficult journeys ahead for all involved.

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When people lose there jobs, or have sudden financial reversals like the crash of the housing market, or the dot bomb, the drastic steps of divorce and bankruptcy seem more logical, and when the storm is the worst, this is when many families are forced to make these decisions. Communication in the family unit, and in conjunction with a family lawyer that you consult with regularly, can be a way for you to plan your way before the storm and possibly avoid the worst parts, by being prepared in advance to make sure that the hatches are battened down, the life jackets dispersed, and a escape plan in effect to minimize the damage.

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Many people put themselves at risk by not talking to a lawyer in advance of a home purchase; having this kind of counsel in place avails you of their experience with contracts and general legal knowledge. Attorneys, like accountants, understand numbers and risk, and importantly risk avoidance and mitigation through insurance and planning. Lawyers are trained to look at facts, and for the most part are emotionally detached from the decision making process, which is hard to do if you are the one facing the choices when buying a home. Having a lawyer review employment contracts can benefit you by their suggesting removal or additions of clauses to smooth transition when you leave a job voluntarily or otherwise. They can also suggest insurances that make sense for your new financial situation, and they can give you a strong nudge to plan and budget, and importantly to follow your plan and budget. Something to keep in mind is if you invite a lawyer to your wedding, you might not need to invite one to your divorce!

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