Marketing For Lawyers - Using Autoresponders in Your Law Practice

I use autoresponders extensively in marketing my bankruptcy law practice. In fact, I can confidently state that using autoresponders has enabled me to reduce my acquisition costs by half for each new consumer bankruptcy client I take in. Conversely, it allows me to double my ROI for my consumer bankruptcy practice.

What, exactly, is an autoresponder? An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers email sent to it. They can be very simple or quite complex. The simplest ones are those set up using your e-mail program that send out a response to a pre-defined type of e-mail. Common ones are those you set up for when you go on vacation; every time someone sends you an e-mail, they get an automatically-generated message that tells them you're not there.

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The complex ones, however, are the best to use. They allow you to set up not one, but a series of pre-determined messages to a particular recipient at set intervals. For example, when someone sets up a consultation appointment for a bankruptcy case they automatically receive a confirmation with a list of documents to bring to the office and directions. A few days later they get another e-mail from me about bankruptcy, and a few days after that they receive another one. In fact, over a 24-day period a new prospect receives a stunning 10 e-mails from me, all personalized and addressing a specific concern or answering a question usually asked by bankruptcy clients.

I've also got a series of what I call "Bankruptcy Information Reports" that prospects sign up for through a special landing page on my web site. Over a 20-day period, prospects receive 10 e-mails from me with crucial information about bankruptcy.

The best part is that I don't do a thing to make this happen. It's all automatic. But to the prospect, I'm a caring professional who wants to give them information. I'm an expert, a guru, the lord of all things related to bankruptcy. People love it, and send my e-mails along to friends and relatives. They come to trust me, which makes them more likely to hire me when they want to file for bankruptcy.

By giving out this free information I am able to knock down the distrust people have of lawyers. This causes prospects to get to know me a little better, and feel more at ease in coming to my office (or completing my Online Consultation). They are less sensitive to the price of my services because they are confident that I know how to help them effectively.

How can you use autoresponders in marketing your consumer bankruptcy practice?

Confirmations: Using autoresponders to send instant confirmation emails to your clients when they make an appointment to see you. Autoresponders free you from having to manually send out confirmations, giving your time to focus on more profitable areas of your business.

These instant confirmations boost your credibility and give you the ability to continue your marketing message of excellent service from a knowledgeable professional. You respond immediately to your customer's request , letting them now that yours is a reliable, professional firm.

Newsletters: Offer a newsletter sign-up on your web site. Every time someone signs up they receive an instant autoresponder thanking them and confirming their subscription. This e-mail also includes a link to your site for more information about bankruptcy. Each newsletter you send out also has your office phone number and an offer for a free consultation appointment.

White Papers And Information Series: These are my favorite uses of autoresponders because you can set them up once and mail them out automatically. Someone signs up on your web site and receives multiple e-mails from you over a period of time - it can be a day, a week, a month, or even a year.

Each time a prospect sees your name, you make more of an impression. It takes seven distinct impressions for someone to even remember your name. By using an autoresponder system, that problem is solved.

Oh, and what system do I use? AWeber. They're reliable, inexpensive (under $200 for a full year of unlimited service), and are used by many of the major online marketers.

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