Filing For Bankruptcy Without Lawyer Assistance

Being declared bankrupt is not something one can get away with so easily. It is a legal state that requires you to involve the law. This means that when you have come to the end of the road in terms of paying your creditors, you have to acknowledge that you are bankrupt. This is especially true if you have tried other means of repayment and nothing seems to work.

What follows is that you have to file for bankruptcy with the court of insolvency. These courts are in every city and it's up to you to find out where it is situated. If this fails then you can go through the process online. The process of declaring insolvency involves filing out some forms in which you must give truthful information regarding your financial position.

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The forms must be accompanied by bank statements to support the claim that you are unable to pay your creditors. You and your creditors will then meet in court to deal with issues to do with repayment and agree on how it will be done. It is advisable to have a lawyer to represent you and plead on your behalf.

However, if you still cannot afford an attorney, it would be important to be well conversant with the law so that you can represent yourself. One more advantage of having a lawyer is that he will handle any further correspondence with your creditors and keep you out of the picture so that you can have a peace of mind.

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