How to File a Bankruptcy

Filing a bankruptcy is a tedious job but it will definitely give you a fresh start when it comes to your financial problems; this is often called a discharge of debt. This will help you finally get away with your debts but these are just temporary and these also have consequences attached to it. You may also want to seek the advice of professionals such as lawyers about the advantages and disadvantages of filing a bankruptcy. This is a tedious process but nevertheless, I will try to help make it easy for you.

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Before filing a bankruptcy, determine whether which of your debts you want to eliminate. While in the process of doing this, keep in mind that there also debts you cannot get rid of or discharge; some of which are child support, alimony, student loans, debts from a divorce, and income taxes

Filing a bankruptcy without a lawyer can be possible but it is always advisable that you get one because there are a lot of laws that deal with and concerns bankruptcy. Having an attorney can help you understand and interpret these laws without confusion. If you do not know any lawyers as of the moment, ask around from your friends and families if they can recommend you anybody. Remember to choose lawyers with enough experience in handling bankruptcy cases.

The purpose of your attorney is to assist and guide on deciding what king of bankruptcy to file; it will either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. The main difference of the chapters is that for chapter 7, you can liquidate your assets to pay for your debts and for chapter 13 you will have to come up with a plan for you to be able to pay your debts. Make sure you choose the right chapter that is appropriate to your situation.

Learning how to file a bankruptcy can really help a lot most especially when you do not know how to pay your debts this will help you get back on track. Once you have filed your bankruptcy, try not to pile up your debts.

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