Filing For Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer to Help You

Filing for bankruptcy calls for professionalism and a lot of caution. This is because simple and careless mistakes could land you into untold trouble. For example, if you declare your total financial worth as less than what it actually is, you could end up being charged with bankruptcy fraud. Furthermore, you could end up losing all your property as you pay for the damages.

Hiring a lawyer means more expenses, probably more than you can afford given your current financial position. However, this does not mean that you should entirely rule out the possibility of hiring one. This is because, there are some chapters of the law under which you can file your case and which will give you the allowance to pay for the legal fees over an extended period of time.

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A lawyer will not only be your personal adviser but will also plead on your behalf such that you may even find some of your debts being forgiven for good. On the contrary, without a lawyer, you will find that some of your creditors may take advantage of you and rip you off more than necessary. This is especially true if they are the ones who filed for the case before you, that is if it is a case of involuntary bankruptcy.

If you still feel that you can do the filing on your own, please take time to clearly understand what the law says about insolvency and what you stand to face in the process. Get to know how your image and credibility will be affected. Again, be fully prepared to represent your case in court if and when need be.

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