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If you have lost control over your finances and you have more debts and expenses to pay than what you earn, you probably are considering filing for bankruptcy. But, because of the lack of knowledge that you have about the laws pertaining to the same, you may be in a state of indecision - a strange sense of predicament of not knowing what to do and what not to do. In such a situation, you are strongly recommended to get bankruptcy consultation from an expert attorney. They will tell you whether you qualify to file your petition under chapter 13 or chapter 7. Your lawyer will decide which option is the most suitable for you, but it is up to you to decide which lawyer is the best to handle your case.

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Free Initial Consultation
The best lawyer for you is the one that offers you a free initial bankruptcy consultation. Call the attorney to schedule the meeting. Ask them if they charge even for the initial consultation. How much time you will get to discuss your case with the lawyer? Will the lawyer themselves be meeting with you or will it be their representative? What is the qualification and experience of that representative? Where will the consultation take place? Some attorneys offer free consultation over phone only. You should try to find the one who is willing to talk to you personally.

Get An Appointment
When it comes to getting bankruptcy consultation, the next thing that you have to do is to short list three to four lawyers and to get an appointment from each of them. They may ask you to fill a form explaining your situation. Fill the forms thoroughly, providing all the details accurate to the best of your knowledge. The lawyer will review the form to get a rough understanding of your financial situation. If you have some queries regarding consultation, you can write those questions in the forms. This will give the attorney an opportunity to come for the consultation well prepared with all the answers. This process will thus save time for both of you.

While you are going for initial bankruptcy consultation, it is important for you to make sure that the information you provide in the form is going to be kept confidential even if you decide not to hire that attorney.

When you go for the meeting, make sure that you are also well prepared. You must take all the necessary documents with you that may include a copy of your credit report, income tax returns, banking records, proof of your average gross monthly income, and your identification. In any case, just because you received bankruptcy consultation from an attorney, it does not mean that attorney is representing you. They start representing you only after you hire them and sign the contract.

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