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Bankruptcy is a provision of law that helps individuals and assumed identities to make amends with their financial plight. It is a mechanism of law that can invoke new set of rules to protect debtors from the harsh and unjust reality of financial problems. This is not just a shield for debt problems but an emergency means to pay up with the law protecting the debtor in the process. It is a good thing to have in the pages of law, what is not good is its technical, legal and intricate nature that can either make it mundane or too lengthy beyond the reach of a layman to use and consequently, to file for. Like any other legal matters, there are rules, minute provisions and complicated processing that makes it inaccessible to people who might need it. Enter bankruptcy software, a computer program that both address the time constraints it subjects to lawyers and the complexity in filing in the part of private debtors who do not know anything about law.

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Insolvency software can be a free accessed program online, or a purchased working program. Either way it works just the same - it provides an electronic platform for lawyers to enter pertinent data about a bankruptcy case, automatically processes, segregates and translates the input to make or draft a bankruptcy form ready and fully furnished for the court to receive and file. For lawyers this buys them precious time to do more with their practice. Filing for bankruptcy and accomplishing its associated forms can be very time consuming that a lawyer could easily be a victim of his own success in his practice as a bankruptcy attorney. For law firms, this specific software can take care of lengthy bankruptcy forms, gaining it more productivity and create more value for its lucrative practice as it vacates their lawyers of time that can be used to more important activities.

For private individuals who are also debtors can easily enter information they already know pertaining to their financial situations. The debtor can type his financial details with the software guiding him with questions not necessarily legal in nature. The process would be like an interview between the debtor and the electronic interface of the bankruptcy software. Information that the software may solicit are list of names of creditors, assets, present financial sources and other relevant financial information needed in the determination of bankruptcy. Online bankruptcy software can mail the finished form to the debtor ready for court submission. This is a step forward thanks to technology that can give people the power to file for bankruptcy themselves, giving them a ready choice minus the usual deterrents in filing for one.

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