Bankruptcy is Not a Bad Word

You are working hard, making a good salary. You have all that you need and more. You have a nice home, two cars, a 4-wheeler, just took a trip and put all the charges on one of your credit cards. Then you and your wife find out she is pregnant, with twins. Maybe you weren't expecting this now, but who really has control of their life? You realize after sitting down with your wife several months later, that you in are in over your heads. The idea of bankruptcy flashes in your mind.

You cannot afford groceries this week, perhaps you can pay the Sears bill next month. The car payment will have to wait until next pay period. Creditors are beginning to call. Your wife has to have an Ultrasound for the second time this month, and this one is not covered for some reason. The subject of bankruptcy comes up one day at work, while you are eating a sack lunch. Your friend tells you that he and his wife had to file for bankruptcy because they were about to lose their home. You notice he doesn't seem ashamed or bothered by the thought.

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When you get home, the money talk comes up again, you've heard just about all you can handle. You tell your wife that a friend of yours just filed a bankruptcy and tell her the details. She is afraid of what will become of you. She thinks you'll never be able to buy a house again or a car. She reminds you that this act will loom over your heads forever. In this moment you ask her go with you to see the lawyer your friend told you about. He has been helping people just like you for many years. She reluctantly agrees. The next day you both meet with the lawyer and you find out your fears are unwarranted.

After the discharge of your debt, you will be able to buy a car, if needed. You also find out that you can buy another home. The lawyer shows you proof of a client that did just that a week before. As you and your wife leave the office of the lawyer, you both feel that a giant weight has been lifted from your backs. Almost giddy, you get into the car that you will be able to keep. Your decision today to file for bankruptcy has helped you to be able to keep your home that you worked so hard to get, just a year ago.

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