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One of the most terrifying things a person can go through is having to admit that they are destitute and will not be able to make ends meet. It is an embarrassing and upsetting situation that most people hope they will never have to face. Unfortunately, in these trying financial times, it is an increasing reality that many of us will have to contend with in the coming years. As terrible as bankruptcy is, it will be worse without a good attorney. Fortunately for those facing this type of financial crisis, there are a number of good tips for finding a good one.

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As with many professions, there are licensing requirements for lawyers. Just as you would not rely on a doctor to treat you and your health if he did not have a medical license, you do not want a bankruptcy attorney that is not licensed by the state bar association. Be careful of people advertising that they are a "specialist" or an "expert" but do not state that they are a bankruptcy attorney. Many businesses use deceptive language to offer services that are not actual legal help. When in doubt, feel free to call the state bar and ask for references or complaints about your prospective lawyer.

In connection with finding a good licensed bankruptcy attorney, it is also important to check with various different people to see what options are available. There are a large number of nuanced variations to the law and not all of them are appropriate in every situation. For this reason, it is important to interview several potential counselors.

Two good sources for finding a reputable bankruptcy attorney are the ABI, the American Bankruptcy Institute as well as local legal aid services. Members of the ABI are highly qualified in their field and will have the most knowledge on the intricacies of the law. They will be able to provide information and services that are superior to those who are non-members. Many cities or regions also have legal aid organizations that help direct those in need to qualified and affordable representation. They will undoubtedly be an excellent source in securing a list of prospective lawyers.

This process will undoubtedly be unpleasant, but a good lawyer will be able to mitigate in a way that will be the most beneficial. Rather than liquidation, it will hopefully only be necessary to restructure, which will make a huge difference. Even if liquidation is the only option, there are many avenues to pursue that good representation can explore. It is most important to stay hopeful and abreast of what is going on with your filing. Participating as much as possible and keeping updated will both raise your spirits and help inform you of things you can do to prevent ever being in this situation again.

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