How to Stop Foreclosure Without a Lawyer

If you find yourself at the wrong end of the foreclosure process it can be very stressing. The reasons why you have fallen behind really don't matter, what matters is that you have received notice from your lender that they intend to foreclose. The auction date is set and you want to know what I can do to stop this foreclosure. And because cash is tight what you really want to know is how I can stop foreclosure with no lawyer.

A few things that you need to be aware of:

1. If you have fallen so far behind that you will never be able to catch up then you will be able to stall the foreclosure process but you will not be able to stop foreclosure completely.

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2. If the auction is scheduled and you want to stop the foreclosure without a lawyer then you need to consider filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy at your local bankruptcy court. Most people will tell you that you need an attorney to file bankruptcy but that is simply not true. You can file for bankruptcy and stop foreclosure no lawyer involvement required.

This is a brief outline of filing chapter 13 bankruptcy pro se. Pro se is the legal term for a member of the public filing court papers without the help of an attorney. Remember to state on all paperwork that it is a pro se filing. A simple chapter 13 filing will stop foreclosure no lawyer required.

1. Go to your local bankruptcy court a few days before the auction and tell the clerk that you want to file a skeleton chapter 13 petition. The fee is $274.00 and it is best to have it in cash.

2. The clerk will give you a few sheets forms to fill out. The only information you will need is your name address social and an estimate of how much your outstanding debts are.

3. It I very important to note that you will need to have completed a pre-filing bankruptcy credit counseling course. The cost is $50. If your do not have this certificate you will not be able to file.

4. After you have filed contact the banks attorney and tell them you have filed for chapter13 bankruptcy. Give the banks attorney the file number and the judge's name.

5. The bankruptcy filing will automatically stop or stay the foreclosure auction.

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