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If you are thinking about filing bankruptcy one of the first things you should determine is if you should hire a attorney. If you have a case that is not complicated then it may be o.k. to have a petition preparer file your bankruptcy instead of a licensed attorney. How do you know if your personal case for bankruptcy is complex or not? Your case is not complex if you are: un-employed, have no assets and no new purchases on credit. This will allow you to liquidate under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy fast. However, most of us will have complex cases. We have assets. We are employed. Plus the last item(s) purchased on credit must be shown, by you, to not have been made with the intention of filing bankruptcy soon after. Seeking our counseling with a bankruptcy attorney is usually the best option.

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Complex bankruptcies call for lawyers. we will advise you if going bankrupt will actually relieve your debt or not. Our lawyers will help you decide whether to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. A bankruptcy attorney will review your case to make sure the bankruptcy is filed correctly so that you do not unknowingly commit fraud. Our lawyers are very familiar with all the court documents and deadline procedures and will make this part of the process uncomplicated for you.

Make sure you obtain a good attorney. Make sure the attorneys area of practice or specialty is bankruptcy and that they have several years of experience. The amount of time the attorney spends in bankruptcy counseling with you prior to filing is important because this determines if all your filing and legal decisions go smoothly. Be certain that you select a firm that will meet with you in person and understand your particular case.

Often our lawyers offer the first consultation free of charge or commitment. Do some research ahead so you know what the normal fees are for counseling? Your total fees will ultimately be determined by how long your case takes as well as the complexity of your case.

Never pick low client contact or service just to get a low fee. You need to feel completely comfortable with the process. Good experience within the competitive fee structure is not difficult to find. Let a seasoned bankruptcy attorney go to work for you today!

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